A Saturday Drive in a Morris Minor


We are very fortunate to not only have two Morris Minors that we are working on fixing up, but to also have in town a couple of very knowledgable people with well restored cars. One of them is John Quilter and above is his 1960 four door Morris Minor in which he took my husband and I for a drive up to Cougar Reservoir last Saturday. This was such a treat to ride and get to talk to him about Morris Minors, getting a feel for what our cars will be like to drive once they are up and running.

I tried to keep note of tips and talking points during our trip since John is a wealth of knowledge of Morris Minors. So here are a few that you might find helpful if you too have one of these great cars. One of the top tips I got was to not drive steadily over 50 MPH. The entire trip he kept it around 50 MPH tops, any higher and you are going at 4000 RPMs which is very hard on the engine for long periods of time. He used fuel grade 92 for the Morris and it got over 37 miles per gallon. The tank is about 7 gallons.

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We also went over to George’s house who has a four door Morris Minor and is working on finishing a Morris Minor Traveler. He had a neat collection of 20-30’s Chevrolet cars too.

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Another tip John talked about was to change the hose off the radiator from a straight hose to a ribbed hose (see below). The straight hose tends to fail over time otherwise.

An engine mod that John showed us on his Minor was to cover the exhaust manifold with aluminum and the fuel pump with foam to protect them from heat and to prevent vapor lock:




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  1. Hi. Please say hello to John. I lived up the hill from him in Brisbane years ago where I enjoyed my MM1000 ragtop and he shared both Morris and Jaguar tales with me. My Morris (“Morrisimoto” in honor of new drivetrain). We also met on occasion at Bob’s Olde English Garage, which is now gone in favor of a high rise. But Bob is now in the former Four Car Garage space. Anyway, I am sure John regaled you with many tales and tips. They’re all good. Best, Boris

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