Hedeby/Haithabu Bag


I made this Hedeby/Haithabu bag for a friend’s laureling this last summer. It was a fun little project and went well with his Norse persona. I thankfully had help making the wood pieces from my husband.

Materials: The bag was made using wool fabric for the outside and linen fabric for the lining. I used linen thread and hand dyed/spun wool for the embroidery that I received from a friend-I loved the varying color in it! The wood used was Poplar.

Here are my steps in making this bag:

Embroider the Laurel Leaves, this was modified feather chain stitch and stem stitch

Finish the Edges & Whip Seams Together (“Elizabethan seam”)

Do the same for the lining and Blanket Stitch the top edges together

Make Wood Handles

Attach wood handles to bag fabric with Linen thread for strength, and then covered it with the wool thread

I didn’t end up making cord or strapping because I wasn’t sure how long he would want them. I really enjoyed this project and working with the hand dyed thread. But the look on his face when I presented it to him was the best part of this project!



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