4 Door Morris Minor Restoration: Disassembly & Body Prep


In September, 2016, we got word of a 1959 4 door Morris Minor 1000 that would be a restoration project. The thing is, we already had a ’59 4 door project car….but this one was in far better starting shape with less welding to do, so……we went ahead and got it! What was great is we started working on it right away with a goal of getting the restoration completed by this upcoming September for the All British Field Meet in Portland, OR. We’re getting help with the restoration from our friend Alex who collects British classic cars. My husband DJ and I are learning so much and I really enjoy being hands on with as many aspects as possible.

At first glance, it seems in rough shape, even missing a windshield and a window. However, at closer inspection we realized it was in good condition for being under a tarp outside for a good 6 months+ after some of the paint was removed. The chrome still surprises me how good it looks! The engine was recently rebuilt, but the two transmissions may be unusable, we’ll have to see. Luckily, we have a parts car, and our other 4 door Minor’s engine and trans are in great condition. So we’ll see how much we end up stealing parts from it.

Disassembly went fairly quickly. We found a couple rusty spots-we’ll be replacing the right front frame rail for sure. Another find was the floor pans have foil under a layer of bondo! So we ended up getting floor pans that we’ll need to weld. Otherwise nothing major for the body. It was really fun sand blasting and grinding the paint off. The car at the moment seems to be Clipper Blue, and it’s throughout the car so it seems to be all original body panels. Not being a big fan of the Clipper Blue, we plan on doing Smoke Grey to go with the blue/grey seats we already have.

The overall plan is do a full restoration on the car and keep it original. I look forward to taking it to shows. I think the light blue color of the Smoke Grey paint will be good for renting it for weddings maybe.



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  1. Really looking forward to following this blog. Not sure if you have seen mine on the restoration of a 57 4 door, just about at the end of restoration. tjr567.wordpress.com

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